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More Characters!!!

Madame Ximia

A harbringer of doom.  She sits in the Goodsoup Family Resturant, and scares away all of the customers.  Nobody seems to like her all that much.  She's kinda weird.

Stanley Goodsoup

The last living Goodsoup.  Proudly maintains his failing soup resturant chain.  Which is commendable, but you gotta wonder how much he drinks himself, considering he's always polishing something.  And, is he dating Ximia?

Dinghy Dog (tm)

An agent of evil.  It's kinda sad, but he's Lechuck's most reliable servant.  He sits there, and pesters little children.  Sometimes, he even tries to eat them, forgetting he's just some guy in a suit. (see above)

The Rat Guy

Another carnival worker.  He smells bad, and wishes he could be Dinghy Dog (tm), but he's just no good.  So, he runs the pie shooting game, instead of the weight guessing game.

The Lost Welshman

The ferry driver between Blood Island and Skull Island.   He hates his job, but it's a good living, especially since he's the only ferry service out there in the Carribean.

King Andre

A smuggler who bought the Goodsoup family diamond from Lechuck, and won't sell it for anything less than an awful lot of money, which leaves Guybrush just a little short, only possessing a lot of money.


A strange little man who spends most of his time reading horror stories, and talking to kids who broke into the crypt next door.   He's kinda superstitious, and has an odd sense of humor, and a hunchback, which only makes him even more weird.