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 El Pollo Diablo's Cave on...

This site seems to look its best in 800x600 format...just to let you know.

Aye, matey.  I know what you be thinking..."El Pollo Diablo's Cave don't be on Monkey be on Plunder Island."  Well, the truth is...he commutes daily by the help of The Lost Welshman.  It be a rideshare program.  The Devil Chicken himself don't torture The Lost Welshman, in exchange for a discounted travel rate.  It be workin' out so everyone is a winner.

     Well, for now, this site is gonna be dedicated to exclusively The Curse of Monkey Island, except for a few midis and sounds, and the walkthrough and hints section, until I can get my MI 1&2 CD back from a friend.  I let him borrow it, and he absolutely REFUSES to give them back until he solves both of them.  (He's only about halfway done with MI 1, so I'm not getting my hopes up to high for a fast returnal.)

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Note to LucasArts--This site is solely for the promotion of, and telling how great Monkey Island is.  Just a fan site, nothing more.